Logitech Gaming Products now labeled Climate Pledge Friendly on amazon.com

As of this week, Logitech Gaming Products are now signposted on amazon.com as “Climate Pledge Friendly”. This means eco-conscious consumers can also search for devices, which are “Climate Pledge Friendly” and find our gaming products – LogitechG and ASTRO Gaming. This innovation has been rolled out on amazon.com and the majority of Amazon’s European platforms to date, with plans to extend it to all countries worldwide later this year.

What is Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program?

Amazon launched their Climate Pledge Friendly Program late last year, to help customers discover and shop for more sustainable products. The goal of the Climate Pledge Friendly Program is to empower consumers to use their spending power to signal their interest in sustainability and push companies to transform how products are made and designed for sustainability. While searching for products on Amazon, customers can now see the Climate Pledge Friendly label on eligible products and learn more about the certifications that make a product Climate Pledge Friendly, as well as use the Climate Pledge Friendly filter to see all the products within a specific category that are climate-friendly. The same signposting will be implemented on Amazon platforms worldwide, in the next few months.

As Cyrus Wadia, Worldwide Head of Sustainable Products at Amazon, commented: “We’re making it easy for customers around the world to take steps to reduce their impact on the environment, including swapping out everyday products for more sustainable options. 

Why are Logitech gaming products Climate Pledge Friendly?

Logitech gaming products are certified CarbonNeutral(R). Carbon Neutral certification is one of the many certifications Amazon has chosen to recognize at this stage, on their platform.

How did Logitech gaming products achieve CarbonNeutral certification?

In 2019, we quantified the environmental impact (carbon footprint) of the full Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming portfolio – from end to end – all materials, design and manufacturing activities, shipment, use phase and end of life. Each year, we achieve significant carbon reductions through sustainable design efforts e.g. use of lighter weight materials, reduced packaging. We also achieve carbon reductions by purchasing renewable electricity for our own factory and many of the factories that manufacture gaming products. 

For the carbon we could not design out of the product, we collaborated with Natural Capital Partners to identify and apply certified carbon offset instruments to address the remaining carbon footprint of each device. All our carbon instruments are third-party certified and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In many cases, we have chosen to support forestry conservation programs, which are certified REDD+ and reverse forest degradation, to conserve existing forestry stocks and associated biodiversity.

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Twitter: Through our work with @NatCap_Partners, Logitech G gaming products are certified CarbonNeutral and now carry the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on @amazon. These badges and our carbon labeling announced earlier allow gamers to shop sustainably. (Click to Tweet!)

LinkedIn: Logitech G gaming products are certified CarbonNeutral® and now carry the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on @Amazon to help customers shop more sustainably. We’re proud to work with @Natural Capital Partners to make sustainably-certified products available to our customers. Watch for the icon when you shop. #carbonneutral #earthday2021 #restoreourearth #climateaction #ClimatePledgeFriendly