Introducing the K923: The First Racing Wheel for Dogs with CHEWFORCE Technology

We are excited to announce our latest advancement in high fido-lity sim racing: the Logitech K923 Racing Wheel featuring our new CHEWFORCE technology. 

In August 2020, we released the G923 Racing Wheel TRUEFORCE Racing Wheel. Engineered to dial into your game physics to deliver unprecedented realism, TRUEFORCE allows fans to feel the pistons pumping, the gravel crunching and every shift, drift and turn like never before. 

At Logitech G, we pride ourselves on developing products that extend human capabilities. Today, we are going even bigger, and bringing our pups along for the ride.

The K923 is the first of its kind; a racing wheel for dogs. The wheel is specially designed to support pups racing on any kind of track. From doglegs to (s)lick tracks, on and pawff-road. Whether you’re driving Formula One, NASCAR or GT, the K923 will bring you the checkered flag with a checkered wag. 

The technology for CHEWFORCE was conceived in partnership with professional good dogs  alongside our Research and Devel-pup-ment team. This pupriertary technology takes in-game data at up to 4,000 times per second and gives positive reinforcement to your best friend as they race down the track along you.  

The wheel itself is built to last with not a squeaker in site. Constructed with sturdy pawminium materials, the K923 is perfect for beginner puppy racers or pawfessionals on the track. Those looking to get a jump on the competition can benefit from the Dual-Haunch Launchers as dogs using our new wheel will get a head start from the pack. Finally, our patented “Sit and Stay” brakes will keep your doggy friends safe and energized for more racing. All this shows that two things are clear: 1) Dogs can go from 0-K9 in one zoomy and unleash the power of the K923 2) All dogs are in fact good boys and girls.

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