Welcoming our very own Lucius Fox: meet Jason Mayden

This past weekend, an iconic designer, start-up entrepreneur, dedicated father and inspiring leader of color celebrated his birthday. He also announced that he had joined the Logitech team. 

We’re delighted to announce that Jason Mayden is joining us as vice president of Elite Performer Offense. His group’s charter is to empower and extend the capabilities of humanity through diversity, design, and sustainability at Logitech and Logitech’s human performance team, Liminal Collective. 

More details to come on how Jason will bring that mission to life. First you have to meet him! 

As you will hear, Jason believes in sharing his superpowers and using them for good – he has a lot in common with Batman and comes to Logitech as our very own Lucius Fox. Check out his video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CF5HSbYpZmz/

A warm welcome Jason and a very happy birthday to you!