Logitech Keys-To-Go Launches New Colors Worldwide

Logitech is excited to announce that Keys-To-Go is expanding its color palette with a brand new color, Classic Blue, that will be available worldwide. Keys-to-Go in Blush, which was previously only available in the U.S. and Canada, will also be available throughout Europe,  Latin America and Asia. With a wide variety of colors, it’s never been easier to find a keyboard that matches you, your work space and your style.

Keys-To-Go is as slim and light as ever, making it the perfect addition to any place you choose to work from. Whether you’re working or learning at the kitchen table, in the living room, or in your backyard, Keys-To-Go is easy to take with you and lets you type whenever you’re ready.

With so many of us converting our kitchen tables into remote classrooms, Keys-To-Go is up to the challenge, thanks to its easy to clean, spill-proof seal that keeps out crumbs, liquids, and dirt. Keys-To-Go works with almost any screen, iPhone®, iPad®, or Apple TV®, and even comes with a stand perfectly designed to hold your iPhone* at a comfortable viewing angle. 

Keys-To-Go’s soft, silent keys allow you to type quietly, take notes, send emails, or write up a storm without disturbing those around you, so everyone can focus on work and not on their new coworkers. The comfortable typing experience lets you stay productive no matter where you might be working. 

When no two work or school days look the same, get a keyboard that can help you do it all – the Logitech Keys-To-Go. Take a look at our new color options, available today in North America on Apple.com and Logitech.com and worldwide this October.

*iPhone stand is compatible with iPhones that do not have a case on