Logitech G Introduces HERO 25K Sensor, The Industry’s Highest Performing DPI Offering

In 2016, Logitech G unveiled the new HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor designed from the ground up to revolutionize the gaming sensor. The HERO architecture represented a new standard for performance and efficiency in optical gaming sensors. It not only supplied the most accurate and highest performing tracking by any sensor designed, but did so at up to 10x better efficiency than previous generations. HERO improved the experience of any kind of mouse and any kind of usage due to the capability to adapt and always provide best suited settings.

Today we are excited to announce that we have upgraded our HERO sensor, raising the upper limit from 16,000 DPI to 25,600 DPI, establishing it as the highest performing DPI sensor in the gaming industry.

At 25,600 DPI, the HERO 25K sensor is the world’s first sub-micron level mouse sensor. While sub-micron is mostly impractical for most players to use, it reflects the performance potential of the HERO architecture and sensor performance. 

HERO 25K is the first sensor that can accurately track movement at the sub-micron level — 1 micron = 1 millionth of a meter, or 0.000001m. Without compromising on accuracy, this new sensor does this without the use of smoothing and without spurious motion, parasitic counts, making this one of the most accurate sensors on the market.

HERO 25K utilizes a smart power management system to continuously adjust frame rates based on the movement of the mouse to minimize power consumption. Even at high DPI, HERO is 10x more power efficient than previous Logitech G sensors. 

Available today, through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players with the following mice:

  • G903 HERO
  • PRO Wireless
  • G703 HERO
  • G604
  • G502 HERO
  • G403 HERO
  • PRO