Charting Progress on Key Environmental Goals in FY20 Sustainability Report

At Logitech sustainability is pervasive across all our activities and a reflection of our culture. We are reimagining product design throughout all lifecycle phases. Since last year, we have made multiple forward-looking public commitments and made good progress with our key environmental goals of improving carbon, toxicity and circularity of our products and our operations. You will see many examples of this progress throughout our most recent Sustainability report now available at

Our climate actions efforts are focused on 3R’s – Reduce, Renew and Restore. Our goal is to Reduce our carbon footprint in support of the 1.5OC goal to reduce global warming; Renew our footprint by using 100% renewable electricity; and what we are not able to reduce or renew we will Restore through investments in forestry while supporting climate-impacted communities.

To achieve our carbon reduction goal we have developed a number of lifecycle carbon, sustainable material and circularity analysis toolkits to inform and measure our progress. Our design for sustainability principles are integrated into our product development process. We have invested in new materials development and advanced sustainability research, in partnership with industry groups and academic institutions. These investments are helping us transition from product-level improvements to platform-level transformations. 

We are increasingly using post-consumer recycled plastic resins in our products to create more circular supply chains and lower our product carbon footprint. We have established several packaging design principles to remove plastics and reduce weight, and are moving to FSC(R)-certified paper and vegetable-based ink. 

88% of our global electricity demand is now sourced from renewable sources, nearing our RE100 commitment of 100% renewable electricity and we are working with our partners to make similar progress. We eliminate 131 tons of PVC contributing to our goal to be 100% PVC-free. We are 98% to our goal of complete conflict mineral certification and already at 100% for tungsten and tantalum. Last year we established a global recycling standard for end-of-life devices and have directly enabled recycling of over 50,000 tons of devices since CY10. 

Our entire gaming portfolio, corporate travel, and our production facility are carbon neutral. We took this a step further by becoming the first consumer electronics company to commit to carbon transparency. We will share the lifecycle carbon footprint of all our products to drive better design decisions internally and for our consumers to better understand their carbon consumption. We are advocating for our industry peers to join us in carbon transparency and will share our know-how. 

Externally, our approach is resonating with the industry and partners. The UN- sponsored World Benchmark Alliance has included Logitech in the SDG2000, a list of companies with the greatest potential to influence a more sustainable future. In 2019 and again in 2020, we won the World Finance Magazine Sustainability Award for our sector. We are also listed as a Leader in technology by Sustainalytics and maintained our inclusion on the FSTE4GOOD Index and Swiss SIX Sustainability Index as one of the “top 25 most sustainable Swiss companies.”  

For the first time in an interconnected world, we witnessed the impacts of a global pandemic. In this time, we have seen how we as humans can adapt and positively improve our life on this shared planet. Our FY20 sustainability report stands to reflect a mix of what we have done, what we are committed to doing, and how we will act to help others along the way. We know there is much to do. We remain committed to sharing openly and to learn from others.