Play Like The Pros With PLAYMASTER By Logitech G

Today we are excited to announce PLAYMASTER by Logitech® G, an advanced skill-based training program, backed by science and built with professional esports organizations to help all players hone their skills and reach their full potential. 

As many gamers know, Logitech has been working hand in hand with top esports organizations, players and the community for over a decade now. Over the last four years we’ve expanded our research efforts to go beyond the hardware, into the discipline of sports science, to better understand the essential skills and training techniques that enable peak performance.  

Through this research, we saw a desire to create PLAYMASTER

PLAYMASTER is designed to capture specific data from gamers — from amateurs to esports pros — to help them understand how to reach their full potential. PLAYMASTER has been instrumental in identifying the fundamental strengths and weaknesses in a competitor’s skillset and providing a roadmap for improvement. The BETA version of this powerful tool is now available for everyone to use and analyze their play and improve specific skills such as targeting acquisition, map navigation and player movement.

PLAYMASTER BETA is the culmination of years of research with top esports professionals and a number of universities all over the world. Our lead research partner, Lero Esports Science Research Lab at the University of Limerick, was instrumental in establishing the foundational research identifying the key behaviors, skills and play mechanics that make a true difference in gameplay. 

So, how does it work? 

PLAYMASTER is a skills-based software program designed to teach gamers how to improve their performances in the games they love. The journey begins with a simple baseline skills assessment that enables each gamer to understand their individual strengths and weaknesses, and see how they perform relative to the community average and against the world’s top professionals. Once the assessment is complete, PLAYMASTER provides a specific, personalized curriculum to improve skills including enemy detection, aiming, recoil management and more. 

Whether gamers are competitive or casual, our personalized training will help them get the most out of the games they play and has already been shown to directly improve an individual’s in-game performance.

The first game supported by PLAYMASTER BETA is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. To start your 30 minute baseline test, go to PLAYMASTER.GG and get started. Please let us know in the comments what you think.

Track your progress, rank up, and challenge the community.