Update on Logitech Control Center (LCC) Software with macOS 11 (Big Sur) – What Does this Mean for You?

As we prepare for the upcoming release of Apple’s newest operating system, macOS 11 (Big Sur), there will be a software change that will affect a select number of Logitech devices for Mac. The Logitech Control Center (LCC) software, our legacy Logitech devices customization software, will not be compatible with the macOS 11 (Big Sur), so we want to alert you that the software will stop working for LCC-supported Logitech devices, once you update to version macOS 11 (Big Sur). 

We are working quickly to move many of our LCC supported devices to the Logitech Options software so you can continue to have customization features available after updating to macOS 11 (Big Sur). Please check our website here for more information and estimated availability dates.

Logitech Options is a powerful and easy-to-use application that enhances your Logitech mice and keyboards for ultimate productivity. The Options software offers helpful features and functionalities, such as button and key customization, optimized gestures, application specific settings, device notifications, and more, so you can focus on the task at hand.

We are working hard to get Logitech Options ready for macOS 11 (Big Sur) and the following Logitech LCC devices will be supported in Logitech Options.

Logitech Control Center (LCC) devices to be supported in Logitech Options

  • M305 Mouse
  • M310 Mouse
  • M500 Mouse
  • M505 Mouse
  • M510 Mouse
  • M555b Mouse
  • M570 Trackball Mouse
  • M705 Mouse
  • K750 Keyboard
  • Performance MX Mouse
  • Anywhere MX Mouse
  • LS1 Laser Mouse
  • Marble Mouse

If you are using any of these listed devices with your Mac, you will need to install the Logitech Options software and reconfigure the customization for your device(s) using Logitech Options when you update to macOS 11 (Big Sur).

If you choose to update to macOS 11 (Big Sur), the legacy devices listed below will not be supported in Logitech Options. Fortunately, the device will still have basic functionality, but this means you will not be able to do any button and key customization, optimized gestures, application specific settings or set up device notifications. They will continue to work, however, if you’re using macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or older versions with LCC.

For more information about LCC support on macOS 11 (Big Sur) can be found here.

Logitech Options Unsupported Legacy Devices in macOS 11 (Big Sur)

  • M100 Optical Mouse
  • M110 Optical Mouse
  • M205 Wireless Mouse
  • V220 Cordless Optical Mouse
  • V320 Cordless Optical Mouse
  • V450 Laser Cordless Mouse
  • V470 Cordless Laser Mouse
  • V550 Nano Cordless Mouse
  • MX Revolution
  • MX Air
  • MX300 Optical Mouse
  • MX310 Optical Mouse
  • MX400 Laser Corded Mouse
  • MX500 Optical Mouse
  • MX510 Optical Mouse
  • MX600 Laser Cordless Mouse
  • MX620 Cordless Laser Mouse
  • MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse
  • MX1100 Laser Cordless Mouse
  • VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse
  • Optical Wheel Mouse
  • LX3 Optical Wheel Mouse
  • LX5 Cordless Optical Mouse
  • LX8 Cordless Laser Mouse
  • Trackman Wheel
  • TrackMan Marble Wheel
  • MouseMan Traveller Optical Mouse
  • MouseMan Wheel Optical
  • MouseMan Dual Optical
  • MouseMan Plus
  • Optical Tilt Wheel mouse
  • iFeel Optical Mouse
  • M-BT96a Pilot Optical Mouse
  • Marble 2 button mouse
  • Laser Mouse M-UAL120
  • S530 Laser Keyboard
  • Wave Cordless keyboard
  • Wave Corded Keyboard
  • diNovo Edge Mac Keyboard
  • Internet Navigator Keyboard
  • iTouch Keyboard

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