Logitech and ServiceNow Team Up to Automate Management of Your Meeting Rooms

In a time where the way we work and even the location of where we work is rapidly transforming, Logitech is pleased to partner with ServiceNow, whose cloudbased platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. The companies will automate the way you manage your meeting rooms across your business. Starting today, you’ll be able to use Logitech Sync to integrate ServiceNow into your dashboard for simple, automated alerts informing you what’s happening in a meeting room.

“Businesses are continuing to evaluate ways to safely operate in the office and technology continues to be at the forefront of solutions they need,” said Henry Levak, Head of Product, Logitech Video Collaboration. “With ServiceNow, IT teams will be able to manage, monitor and gain insights into their meeting rooms more efficiently with auto alerts, digitizing their workflows.”

Using the Logitech Sync Insights feature and room occupancy limits in combination with ServiceNow, you’ll now be able to receive an alert if the limit in a room has been exceeded. This offers more peace of mind for businesses returning to offices and reduces the need for IT to actively monitor if employees are following their company’s guidelines because they will simply be alerted automatically.

Download the Logitech Sync app from the ServiceNow® Store and start setting up alert parameters for things like room occupancy, or when a meeting room device needs updating, a device has been disconnected, and more.

“ServiceNow is always looking for new ways to give IT service teams the tools and information they need to be successful, efficient, and productive,” said Matt Schvimmer, VP and GM of ServiceNow’s IT Service Management business.  “We’re pleased to support Logitech’s Room Solutions to make it easier for businesses to automate tasks like monitoring, managing and getting insights from the devices in meeting rooms, putting the employee experience first.” 

Managing your meeting rooms is now even more seamless, helping save you time and costs. You can start today by getting Logitech Sync and the Insights feature in Beta, available globally, and then download the Logitech Sync app in the ServiceNow Store. For more information, visit here.