LOGITECH SPOTLIGHT FOR MOUSE: Limited Public Beta for New Software To Improve Remote Presentations

As you adapt to new ways of distance teaching, learning and presenting, Logitech is making that transition with you. We know it is a challenge to keep audiences engaged during virtual presentations and to keep students focused during their lesson plans. 

Available today, Logitech invites you to try our new software, Spotlight for Mouse: Beta Version. The popular Spotlight Presentation Remote “Spotlight” feature is now available via a public beta software program for free to use with any of your favorite mice.

The Logitech Spotlight for Mouse software, available for Windows or Mac, brings instant focus to your virtual presentation by creating a spotlight-effect on your screen, so you can present and highlight with just the click of the mouse scroll wheel. allows you to focus on the presentation flow and emulate a face-to-face presentation experience. 

As many have moved to remote set-ups, Logitech is here to provide you with solutions that can make your presentations easier and engaging for the online audience. We invite you to join our public beta to test and use this software through October 31, share your feedback and help us identify opportunities to improve the experience. As with any public beta software that has not yet been commercially released, it may contain bugs and will likely not function as well as commercially released software. 

The Spotlight for Mouse beta is now available globally for the first 2000 users who sign up.

More details and the link to sign up for the free software beta download is here. Participants in the public beta are encouraged to submit feedback by using this form