Covid-19: Together We Can Drive Big Change

At Logitech, across our brands, we dedicate ourselves to the communities in which we live and work. The company’s social impact ambition is that “together we can drive big change.” As individuals, as a company, and by joining forces with others, we are coming together during this uncertain and difficult time to make a positive impact.  

In recent weeks and months, Logitech has taken many actions, below are a few examples: 


Every year, typically during the month of May, Logitech employees come together in teams to volunteer at local organizations. As a result of stay-at-home orders and social distancing this year, our May Month of Giving is going digital. In partnership with GlobalGiving, a crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies to support projects that make the world better, we are also supporting the Coronavirus Relief Fund, which supports immediate and long-term relief and recovery in vulnerable, local communities. Like our CEO, Bracken Darrell, and many Logitech employees, suppliers and partners you too can donate here

In addition, Logitech’s Streamlabs brand is partnering with a number of charities working to help raise money for COVID-19 initiatives. Over the next several months, the platform is enabling streamers to schedule and launch a stream for the charity of their choice to help provide relief and support for those affected by the virus. If you’d like to add your charity to the lineup, sign up here.


In January at the start of the outbreak, we donated more than 100 professional video collaboration solutions to hospitals and epidemic prevention command institutions across China to support remote consultation, epidemic prevention training, coordination efforts, etc. Since January, new donations increased exponentially to medical facilities globally in need of video collaboration and telemedicine resources.

In partnership with furniture manufacturers around the world, including Herman Miller in the U.S., we created and delivered ‘Video Care Carts’ helping hospital staff and COVID patients who are alone and isolated. Each cart provides hundreds of hours of patient visits per month, creating precious moments for families with loved ones and/or time doctors get with patients without being in the room using personal protective equipment (PPE).  


Both students and teachers are grappling with the shift to remote learning. To help K-12 educators continue teaching outside of the classroom, thousands of video collaboration and headset bundles were donated to help teachers with the tools they need during this transition.  


Our global operations team is using their sourcing and distribution strength to procure more than 120,000 medical masks and other items of PPE from around the globe, and donating to those on the front lines of our communities.

Logitech employees are empowered to help where help is needed and we see countless cases of individuals in every community helping neighbors with video equipment to teach classes and run their businesses remotely. They have also come together while physically apart to design a DIY face shield from household materials for the average person or built a tool to injection mold the ABS plastic frames for PPE eyeshields, a solution is 100x faster than 3D printing, able to be sterilized and biocompatible.  

Across Logitech brands, in acts big and small, we have responded by prioritizing healthcare, education, and the communities in which we live and work. To learn more about Logitech’s social impact pledge and more examples of Covid-19 efforts, please see our Social Impact website

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