Update on Logitech Education Donation: Staying Connected to the Classroom

March 27, 2020: Update Regarding our Logitech K-12 Education Donation

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for the outpouring support of our program to help K-12 teachers affected by the shift to distance teaching. We’ve had an incredible response and due to the high demand, we, unfortunately, can no longer accept applications at this time. We are continuing to look at ways we can support teachers adapting to this new way of teaching and will be providing helpful content and guidance through our dedicated resource site here. We are also hosting a webinar on Tuesday, March 31, with our friends at Google and the United States Distance Learning Association to share effective strategies on distance learning. Thank you again for submitting your application and we will be following up with your status.

March 25, 2020 

We know how difficult it is right now for everyone and want to help keep people connected. With the sudden shift to remote work and distance learning, we are committed to providing collaboration solutions that will ensure that educators and students remain connected. 

Starting today, K-12 teachers can request to receive a complimentary webcam and headset bundle from our dedicated application website to continue teaching outside of the classroom. Logitech webcams provide high-quality video and work with any video conferencing platform you use for teaching. Our Logitech headsets offer a focused audio experience, minimizing background noise disruption. 

“All of us can relate to this seismic change of seeing our children move from physical schools to essentially working from home,” said Scott Wharton, general manager and vice president, Logitech Video Collaboration. “Both students and teachers are grappling with this and we want to do our part to help by focusing on K-12 schools during this transition. We’re giving teachers the tools they need to teach while complementing software platforms like Zoom, Microsoft and Google who are also focused on our educators.”

As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to provide students with as much continuity as possible. In 2019, we participated in a program called Hopecam to help students battling serious illnesses stay connected to their classroom with our video conferencing technology, while undergoing treatment. We realized how powerful it is to provide that face-to-face connection in circumstances where being physically present is difficult. We hope to be able to provide teachers who have recently shifted to distance teaching with this same level of connection to their students.