Get POWERED Up with Logitech’s Family of Wireless Chargers 

Today Logitech unveils a line of beautifully-crafted wireless chargers to make your charging experience simple and effortless. Introducing the Logitech POWERED family of wireless chargers – Logitech POWERED 3-in-1 Dock, Logitech POWERED Stand and Logitech POWERED Pad. These wireless chargers are designed to be simple, reliable and look great in any room, whether it be your bedroom, kitchen, office or living room.

POWERED Wireless Charging 3-in-1 Dock – $129.99 USD MSRP

Beautifully crafted and meticulously engineered, the Logitech POWERED 3-in-1 Dock offers a new home for your iPhone®, AirPods® and Apple Watch® all at once. Finally, you can have a seamless charging experience worthy of the products you rely on every day—all in a compact form that fits perfectly on your nightstand or desk. POWERED 3-in-1  Dock is available in graphite and white.

POWERED Wireless Charging Stand – $59.99 USD MSRP

Stand up for better charging with the Logitech POWERED Stand. Tired of having to choose between charging your smartphone or using it? Now, you can do both at the same time. Effortlessly make video calls, scan notifications and check emails while your device continues charging. POWERED Stand is available in graphite and white.

POWERED Wireless Charging Pad – $39.99 USD MSRP

Enjoy safe, reliable wireless charging with the Logitech POWERED Pad. Leave charging cables behind and upgrade to a sleek wireless charger that fits effortlessly into your life and daily routine. POWERED Pad is available in graphite, white, lilac and blue sage.

All three products in the Logitech POWERED family are Qi-certified, making them compatible with Qi-enabled devices. These products offer fast charging for Apple (7.5W) and Samsung (9W) devices, so you can spend less time charging and more time doing. Finally, the chargers utilize a combination of internal heat sensors and algorithms to manage temperature, prevent overheating and ensure the optimal level of power is delivered to get you charged up faster. 

No matter what your world looks like, we can help transform it into a wireless one. POWERED wireless chargers were engineered using the exacting Swiss standards that have helped Logitech ship more than a billion products over the past 35 years. Consider this your open invitation to the most magical charging experience ever. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy effortless charging with the Logitech POWERED family, now available in the U.S. and Canada on and BestBuy Canada. For more information, please visit our website or connect with us @Logitech.