When Everyone Plays, We all Win!

In June 2018, Microsoft announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) . This controller was a gateway to gaming for those with a wide variety of accessibility needs. During the development process, the Logitech G team was invited to see a prototype, and immediately it clicked that we needed to find a way to support this project and further enable all gamers to play. 

The big opportunity we saw was to address the barriers to entry for the accessories people needed to get the most from their XAC.  For example, the cost of individual buttons can start at $40 each and go up from there, which can quickly become complicated and expensive.  As leaders in the gaming space, we believed our engineering, design and manufacturing teams were uniquely positioned to help solve this problem. 

With a shared vision to bring a greater level of accessibility to all gamers, the team at Logitech G jumped into action to design a product we thought could help. 

In addition to Microsoft, we enlisted the help of a number of partners, including SpecialEffect, Cherry Rae, The Able Gamers Charity and others to help give us feedback and suggestions on the product. 

Today, we’re proud to announce the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit, designed to plug into Microsoft’s XAC to unlock a better gaming experience. This new Kit features a set of buttons, switches and hook and loop pads,  that can be easily configured to a wide variety of combinations to allow gamers to play in their own way in packaging that’s easy to open – all for $99 USD. 

The time to evolve the gaming industry into an inclusive, diverse community is now, and we look forward to continuing this development in bringing a better experience to gamers everywhere.  After all, it’s our fundamental belief that Life is More Fun when you Play, and we think that means everyone.