How to Make your Home Safer

Guest Post by Hailey Andersen (@Householdmagny)

Our little family has lived in Brooklyn for over three years now. One of the top questions I get from friends, family and my followers on social media is, “Do you feel safe raising a family in NYC?” To their surprise my answer is always, “Yes!” That being said, I think it’s important to note that feeling safe doesn’t come 100% naturally, especially if you’re new to the city. It takes time to navigate through each burrow, find your new normal and establish some rules for you and your family that make the city comfortable and safe by your standards.  

New Yorkers, in general, spend at least an equal amount of time (if not more) out and about than they do at home. It can be overwhelming when you initially move to a new city to find your groove, but I feel more confident than ever that our family is safe both outside the home and within because we have set ourselves up to be. I’ve touched on our past experience with the Logitech Circle 2 home security camera on my personal blog, but for those of you who I am “meeting” here for the first time, this camera is our absolute go-to for home safety. In honor of National Safety Month, learn more about the five steps we’re taking to keep our family safe this summer!

  1. Establish a safe homebase. We spend a great deal of time at home as freelancers and parents to a toddler, but even if we worked out of the house, there’s no limit to the importance of a safe home. We learned the hard way about five years ago after a horrible break in and swore we would never put ourselves in that situation again. We’ve avoided this by befriending our neighbors and doormen (we live in a residential building), researching and knowing our neighborhood, keeping our locations on social media private and of course, installing the Circle 2 so we can keep an eye on our space while we’re away, from either the mobile or web app.
  2. Enable Circle 2 notifications. While I love getting to check our Circle 2 Camera on my phone whenever I want, I really appreciate the ability to enable motion notifications so that I’m personally alerted if there’s something that needs my attention. This allows me to stay present and hyper aware of my family’s surroundings when we’re out. And,  we can enjoy our time together, while simultaneously knowing that our home is safe and sound.
  3. Never leave home without your phone fully charged. This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you think about how frequently you might be checking your transit apps for train schedules, locating the restaurant you’re planning to visit or even checking in on your Circle 2 Camera at home, it’s important to leave the house with a fully charged phone for the day so you can ensure a safe return home. This is a simple step that can make a big difference.
  4. Communicate with your family. With train delays, traffic and other potential city hiccups, my husband and I make a serious effort to keep each other in the loop when either one of us are out. We try our best to let each other know how we’re getting home and around what time we’ll be home. This communication helps us avoid any unneeded anxiety or stress.
  5. Plan ahead for summer getaways. Not everyone needs or wants a house-sitter when they take off for vacation, and luckily with the Circle 2 Camera you don’t have to. If you’ve followed step one here and don’t have any pets to look after, you can enjoy your trip and let your camera do the work of keeping an eye on your home!

How are you keeping your family and home safe this summer? Would love to hear your tips in the comments below!


This guest post was written in partnership with Hailey Andresen, the founder of the lifestyle blog, Household Mag. Make sure to follow along with Hailey’s journey to catch her recipes, motherhood insights and hacks, travels and details of her Brooklyn household.  

Photography by Amy Frances.


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