We’re celebrating some of the women that make Logitech great and sharing their #PressForProgress Pledge to build a world with gender parity. Share your own pledge on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags #InternationalWomensDay #PressForProgress #SpotlightWomen.


Abirami Krishnamoorthy

Sr. Manager, Product Quality Engineering, India

Abi ensures our Smart Home products meet quality standards and expectations of our customers, business requirements and industry regulations. Her #PressForProgress Pledge is to continue to mentor and sponsor technical women and to encourage women to participate in hackathons and coding challenges.


Sabrina Trombetti

Country Manager, Italy

Sabrina’s main role is to improve market share and awareness of our brands in Italy. She leads her team to establish solid and continuous relationships with customers, our distributors and our HQ in Lausanne. Sabrina’s #PressForProgress Pledge is to maintain a Gender Parity Mindset. She believes that diversity of all types brings innovation in a team.


Rie Akiyoshi

Sr. Manager, Digital Ops, Global Brand Equity, Japan

Rie leads content operations globally for our corporate and brand websites. Her #PressForProgress Pledge is to continue speaking and influencing both inside and outside the company. Rie recently spoke at the Mashing Up conference about the importance of diversity in all aspects. She believes in respecting others and building mutual trust regardless of background or culture.


Desirée Ortiz

Country Manager, Mexico

Desirée leads our teams in Mexico, develops the country business plan, go-to-market strategies and customer relationships. Her #PressforProgress Pledge is to continue encouraging women to speak up, to pursue every educational opportunity possible, to network more and forge ahead for equality at work. She wants everyone to know that it is ok to make mistakes, learn from them and try again.


Kathy Liu

Manager, Engineering, Color Material Finish, Ireland

After eight years in the Suzhou China Engineering Group progressing from CMF engineer to manager, Kathy moved to Cork, Ireland last year to lead CMF for Europe. Her #PressForProgress Pledge is to become an influencer on gender parity in both Chinese and Western cultures.


Tanvi Shah

Sr. Manager, Software Engineering, United States

Tanvi is proud to lead a Software Engineering team that has contributed significantly to the radical shift in Logitech — where software now plays a key role in Logitech’s Creativity & Productivity group. Her #PressForProgress Pledge is to celebrate women’s achievements by ensuring credit is given for their contributions and to celebrate female role models and their journeys.


Vicky Nef

Head of Consumer Insights, EMEA, Switzerland

Vicky leads a team to represent the consumer’s perspective as designers, engineers and business people develop new experiences to take to market. Vicky’s #PressForProgress Pledge is to coach and mentor women to ensure that they have the confidence and skills to share their achievements and seek the recognition they deserve.


We are also celebrating male allies at Logitech: leaders who believe in the power of diverse teams and who pledge to #PressForProgress.

Check out Better Male Allies for resources for men who support gender equality.


Massimo Rapparini

Chief Information Officer, The Netherlands

“It is no accident that successful companies have a diversity of people with the flexibility to change adapt and reinvent in response to changing markets!” Massimo’s #PressForProgress Pledge: Maintain a gender parity mindset, forge positive visibility for women and celebrate their achievements.


Troy Cumberbatch

Sr. Manager, Engineering Services, United States

“I strongly believe people should be paid equally for doing the same job. I also believe that anyone who works harder and dedicates more of themselves should be recognized, celebrated and rewarded for their efforts.” Troy’s #PressForProgress Pledge: Challenge stereotypes and bias.


Flavio Gomes

Managing Director, Latin America, United States

“Slow or fast, the world is changing, and for the best. It will not always be a fair world, and it will not always be easy, but if you really want it, roll up your sleeves, work your ears off and let your light shine through – people will notice.” Flavio’s #PressForProgress pledge: Mentor and sponsor women. Always have a diverse slate of candidates for job roles.


Bracken Darrell

Chief Executive Officer, United States

“I believe that gender equality is both morally right, and also a competitive advantage that makes much better organizations. It’s critical that we are aligned as leaders, recruiters and hiring managers to make sure we hire talented AND diverse people that reflect our customers and the makeup of society.”  Bracken’s #PressForProgress Pledge: Be a role model for equality and lead by example through inclusive actions.

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