Logitech CRAFT Now Supports Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

You have been asking and we listened. Today we are excited to announce that we now offer support of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, the popular photo editing application, Adobe Reader DC on Windows® and Preview® and Quicktime® on Mac® for the Logitech CRAFT Advanced Keyboard.

With the Crown, the creative input dial, you get instant access to the functions you need, the moment you need them, allowing you to focus on your work and increase your productivity. CRAFT allows creative professionals more accuracy on popular apps like Adobe® Photoshop and Microsoft® Office already, but now will be able to use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, where you can edit photos faster without taking your eyes off the image. With a slight touch of the Crown, you can easily access up to 11 different photo editing tools, such as saturation, tint, contrast or shadows, without fidgeting with sliders. A quick tap changes functions, and a smooth turn changes the selected function’s value.

Other updates with the Crown include:

  • Adobe Reader DC on Windows: Zoom, change the page and scroll horizontally.
  • VLC Media Player on Windows: Skip forward and backward while watching a video, or adjust the volume.
  • Preview on Mac: Zoom, change the page and scroll horizontally.
  • Quicktime on Mac: Skip forward and backward while watching a video, or adjust the volume.
  • Safari® for Mac: Navigate between tabs.
  • SpotifyTM for Mac and Windows: Play and pause your music, change the volume, or change songs.

Additionally, we now have a CRAFT Software Developer Kit, allowing application developers the opportunity to help augment CRAFT’s user experience. You can access high-level architecture, design guidelines and sample codes to create app-specific plugins for the Crown at the link here. It is important to have our community increase and maximize the functionality of the Crown with new apps.

What do you want to develop with our SDK? Let us know in the comments below.

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