Introducing Our Newest Logitech ConferenceCam Kits with Intel NUC


At Logitech we understand two fundamentals to driving increased adoption of room video conferencing. The first is that it should be drop-dead simple to join a video call. The second is that one size does not fit all. As such, we are continuously evolving our solutions to address these basic needs.

Last year, we introduced the Logitech ConferenceCam Kit with Intel NUC to video-enable meeting rooms with plug-and-play simplicity, content sharing, and future-proof flexibility, at price points that support deployment at any scale. Unlike traditional codec-based solutions, ConferenceCam Kits work with any meeting service. These preconfigured meeting room solutions include everything needed to video-enable the room.

Today, we are announcing our newest ConferenceCam Kits:

-GROUP Kit with Intel® NUC (Standard and Premium)

-MeetUp Kit with Intel® NUC (STandard and Premium)

Our new Premium Kit offering features accessories like a Mimo Vue Capacitive Touch Display plus UC Workspace Quicklaunch software. Both new additions add a level of ease and flexibility that DIY builds and proprietary solutions simply can’t match. The new Kits come with a choice of either Logitech MeetUp or Logitech GROUP ConferenceCam, allowing our customers to optimize the user experience for any meeting space.

The UC Workspace Quicklaunch software interface provides a convenient way to start meeting apps including Skype for Business, WebEx, BlueJeans,Zoom and many others. At the end of the meeting, it clears temporary files and sensitive data for a fresh start to every call. And with the Premium option, there’s also one touch-to-join convenience, integration with Microsoft and Google calendars, and both wired and wireless content sharing. Premium kits feature Quicklaunch Professional Edition, plus a 10.1” Mimo touch screen with integrated HDMI capture for instant sharing and projection.

Designed for fast deployment and reliable performance, Logitech ConferenceCam Kits with Intel NUC bring self-service video collaboration to everywhere people meet.

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