Going All In On All-in-One


By John O’Shaughnessy

Spend more than five minutes in the Logitech booth at a trade show and you’ll hear many attendee comments – some includes constructive feedback, while most are quite positive. From the gentleman who claimed he cured his wife’s carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms by giving her his Logitech MX Master Mouse, to the IT administrator in Ohio who raved about deploying 15 Logitech GROUP video conferencing systems in a single day, nearly all these visits end with a simple observation:.

“It just works.”  

Anyone familiar with video conferencing knows “It just works” is no small feat.  With a legacy of cryptic IP calling plans, remote controls that pan the camera up when you press the ‘down’ arrow, and Cyborg-like audio reverberations in mid-call, video conferencing user experiences have lagged miles behind the mature technology curve.

Thankfully in the last couple of years, certain vendors have taken note, and are challenging the status quo by delivering solutions that combine high quality video and audio with intuitive experiences that actually leave users excited, not exasperated.

Our newest Logitech Collaboration Program Partner, HP Inc., provides a great example of how this “less is more” approach benefits the market landscape, and more importantly, our customers.  At InfoComm 2017, HP announced two new Meeting Room Bundles for Business Collaboration.  Each bundle is designed to improve team communication, increase efficiency, and enhance the collaboration experience, and each will be available through Tech Data in mid-July.

Most customers are familiar the power of pairing HP meeting room PCs with Intel Unite software to share content and access applications; in partnership with Logitech, the HP collaboration solution set has now expanded to include video conferencing.

In-room computing is provided by the HP Collaboration PC for Conference Rooms, and HP Elite Slice for Huddle Rooms. To deliver life-like video and audio experiences, these small-form factor PCs are paired with the Logitech GROUP and the Logitech BRIO 4K Pro Webcam.  A familiar, Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus allow users to navigate a simple kiosk-type interface, while wireless content sharing delivered by Intel Unite.  IT managers no longer have to support costly codec-based video conference systems, and users no longer have to bring their laptops to the meeting room to make video calls.

With HP and Logitech Video Collaboration solutions, organizations benefit from an all-in-one approach to video collaboration that brings us ever nearer to video Nirvana: connecting people quickly and efficiently over any distance, giving them tools that enable easy knowledge and information sharing, and doing it so seamlessly that the underlying technology virtually disappears.

“It just works,” indeed.

Learn more by visiting the Logitech HP page or HP Business Collaboration page