Introducing the New Logitech Z537 Powerful Sound With Bluetooth – A new way to stream music wirelessly at home

We all access music and movies from different devices throughout our day — from your phone to your computer, to your tablet. But no matter what you’re listening to or how you’re accessing it, one thing is universal — you want it to sound great.

That’s why we’ve created the new Logitech Z537 Powerful Sound With Bluetooth. With the new Logitech Z537 Powerful Sound with Bluetooth speakers, you have the flexibility of playing music from multiple devices and multiple platforms, and you don’t have to swap cables or re-route wires to do it. You can just pair your device using Bluetooth, and start streaming.  

So whether you’re looking to create a more immersive gaming audio experience, want to have powerful sound while you watch movies or shows on your tablet, or crave room-filling music from a music app on your smartphone, then you’re set with these new speakers.

The Z537 Powerful Sound with Bluetooth features a convenient control pod that provides easy access to Bluetooth pairing, power, volume and the headphone jack.

With 120 watts peak power, the speaker system delivers strong, yet balanced acoustics with rich, dynamic bass and a front-facing subwoofer that can bring your videos, games and music to life.

So surround your entertainment experience with amazing sound without sacrificing audio quality and let us know what you think in the comments.

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