Logitech SmartDock Runs the Analyst’s Gauntlet


Earlier this week, Rob Arnold, Industry Principal of Connected Work, Frost & Sullivan authored a blog entitled, “Logitech SmartDock Runs the Analyst’s Gauntlet.” Below is the introduction to Arnold’s post, and you can read the full article here.

Frost & Sullivan’s Analyst Gauntlet is a structured program wherein participating vendors and service providers give industry analysts deep dives and demonstrations of their collaboration solution. The analyst then uses the collaboration solution over a period of time and provides candid feedback based on his/her user experience with the specified tool(s).

This week I’m sharing my experiences using the new Logitech SmartDock AV console for Microsoft Skype Room System (SRS). SRS, which replaces Microsoft Lync Room System (LRS), is designed to extend the Skype for Business Meeting experience to any meeting space and provide center of room control in huddle rooms, open spaces, and formal conference rooms. Logitech positions SmartDock as “a complete solution optimized for Skype Room Systems with certified components that enable users to seamlessly launch meetings with the click of a button and instantly share content in-room and remotely.”

Arnold concludes, “Logitech is the first Microsoft partner to make available a certified fixed controller for SRS. SmartDock delivers the flexibility to effectively address a number of different physical meeting environments while providing a consistent and familiar experience across them. It eliminates the complexity and chaos of cables, hubs and other componentry that often clutters tabletops in DYI attempts to modernize meeting spaces of all types with video collaboration. While we know other SRS solutions are slated for release in 2017, and we have seen some preview details, it remains to be seen how they will actually stack up. Logitech has set the bar high.”


Upcoming Webinar

Interested in learning more about Logitech SmartDock? Join our upcoming webinar with Frost & Sullivan’s Industry Director of Conferencing and Collaboration Roopam Jain. In this webinar, Roopam and Logitech’s Joan Vandermate will discuss how Logitech and Microsoft are partnering to bring video to every meeting room with Skype Room System and SmartDock.

When: Feb. 8, 2017 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Where: Watch the webinar replay here.