Logitech Introduces Harmony Pro Portal for Installers and New Multi-Zone Software to Harmony Pro Remotes


We are happy to announce our new Harmony Pro Portal developed for commercial installers of Harmony products, including the Logitech Harmony Pro, that provides a variety of web-based productivity tools to manage customer accounts. We’re also excited to share Logitech’s new Multi-Zone software feature exclusive for the Harmony Pro that enables users to easily setup and use Multi-Zone audio/video receivers (AVR’s) to distribute audio throughout the home.

“We developed the Harmony Pro remote to address the unique needs of professional A/V installers,” said Renee Niemi, vice president and general manager of Logitech Smart Home. “The Harmony Pro Portal is a continuation of our commitment to this channel,  offering time saving tools with the flexibility to set up and troubleshoot on the fly. And the newly added Multi-Zone capability enhances what the Harmony Pro can already do by allowing for audio control throughout different areas in the home.”

The Harmony Pro Portal is a site exclusively for professional installers using Harmony Pro, and allows them to manage an unlimited number of Harmony customer accounts with real-time access to customize, configure and troubleshoot their setups.

When a Harmony Pro installer registers with the portal, he or she will have the ability to access advanced tools that save time like being able to preload Harmony firmware and copy settings from template accounts or previous installations. Installers will also have remote access to troubleshoot or configure new Harmony remotes for their customer’s homes. Plus, the portal is accessible wherever the installer is, thanks to interoperability between Mac/Windows PCs and iOS/Android devices.

Recently launched, the Harmony Pro remote includes all of the most important features of the popular Harmony Elite remote such as dedicated buttons for instant access to lighting and temperature controls, a touch-screen UI that communicates the status of all home devices at a glance, and vibration feedback. Unique to the Harmony Pro are two Harmony Precision IR Cables with 4 device-specific IR LEDs and double the warranty time of retail remotes. Plus now, our newly added Multi-Zone feature extends audio signals from a central AVR into multiple rooms, integrating up to 8 zones, by using a single Activity with audio from the same Input Source. This eliminates the need for complex workarounds and integrates Multi-Zone into the setup flow and LCD displays on the Harmony Pro remote.

The Harmony Pro remote is now available exclusively through U.S. distributors DOW and ADI Global Distribution. The Harmony Pro Portal is available when you sign up at pro.myharmony.com and to learn more, please visit here.


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