New Logitech Circle Security Features Provide Greater Control with Person Detection and Customizable Alerts


To existing Logitech Circle Home Security Camera users and new owners, we’re excited to unveil new enhanced security features, including Person Detection and customizable Motion Zones. These options are exclusive to our Circle Safe Premium subscribers at $9.99/camera per month or $99.99/camera per year.

Continuously reinventing the way we connect and protect our homes, the Logitech Circle camera uses proprietary artificial intelligence to identify the difference between a person and a pet, and will notify you with customizable alerts. You can also outline up to five specific Motion Zones in your home using the Logitech Circle Web App and receive immediate alerts on your phone when activity is detected in that area. These enhanced security features give you even more control at home, so you can have the peace of mind that you want, while receiving the relevant information that you need.

With this announcement, we’re also introducing a new Circle SafeBasic subscription plan, which offers 14-days of video storage for $3.99/camera per month. This plan allows you to review and save even more video storage, beyond the free 24-hours of footage that comes with the camera.

The Logitech Circle updates are available today through the Logitech Circle Web App, and through your iOS and Android mobile app update. For additional information on the Logitech Circle camera, please visit