The G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard

On September 1 we announced our new line of PRODIGY products that we unveiled at PAX West. Getting your products out into the world, and having them be well received is always my favorite part of the product development process.  

The G213 PRODIGY is the first of it’s kind and we are excited to see that others have also joined us in this new hybrid category of fusing the best attributes of a membrane keyboard with the best of a mechanical keyboard.  


As with the introduction of any new category, it will take some time for people to sort through the feature set and advantages of each offering, so we wanted to take a moment to underscore what makes the G213 PRODIGY so unique.

We designed the keys of G213 PRODIGY to have an actuation profile similar to a Cherry MX Brown switch, and combined this with the spill resistant design and quiet operation benefits that you get with a membrane keyboard.  


To achieve the feel of a mechanical keyboard with a membrane set up, we carefully tuned the design of the membrane to match as closely as possible the force profile of Cherry MX Brown switches. We used a full height key, and delivered a full 4mm travel distance distance and 50g actuation force, along with a quiet sound profile so it won’t annoy your roommates, co-workers or fans watching your stream.




(Cherry MX Brown)


(Romer G)

Tactile Bump Force 45g 45g 45g
Maximum Force 55g 55g 55g
Total Travel 4mm 4mm 3mm
Key Height Full Full Full

Finally, because this isn’t a mechanical keyboard but rather a Mech-Dome hybrid, we wanted to deliver a compelling price point, so the product is only $69, even though it has full RGB lighting and dedicated media controls.

Please let us know what you think below.



  • I’m pretty excited to see this sort of exploration into other types of keyboards. Both your Romer-G and some other switches have strived for shorter actuation points. I love Logitech’s scissor switch keyboards.

    I would pay good money for an RGB scissor switch gaming keyboard.

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