Enhance Desktop Typing – On Any Device – with the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

Today, we’re happy to share that we’re redefining what a desktop keyboard can do with the Logitech K780 Multi-Device keyboard, a fully-equipped computer keyboard with a 10-key number pad that also works with smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to the Easy-SwitchTM buttons, you can easily switch between – and type on – any three connected devices, whether Windows® or Mac®, Android™ or iOS. With a press of a button, you can write an email on your computer then reply to a text message on your phone or tablet.

With the K780 Multi-Device, you can type as well on a phone or tablet as you do on a desktop computer, without compromising the computing experience. The keys are large, and provide a quiet and comfortable typing experience, while a convenient 10-key number pad makes it easy to enter numbers. An integrated slot with rubber finishing holds a variety of devices – from smartphones to the 12” iPad ProTM – at a perfect reading angle.

Choose the best way to connect to your computer, phone or tablet with the Logitech Unifying™ USB connection or Bluetooth® Smart technology. And, with power-saving idle mode and an on/off switch, your K780 Multi-Device boasts an impressive 24-month battery life.

The K780 Multi-Device Keyboard is functional and beautiful, and designed to fit right in with a modern workspace. You can click here to see it in action.

Are you constantly switching between devices at your desk? If so, how would K780 Multi-Device help you to produce, create or communicate better?

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