Ever Wish the Smart Home Could Be Simple? Logitech Pop Is the Answer!


More and more people bring more and more “smart” devices into their home to make their lives easier and more convenient. But many find there’s one little problem with all these smart gadgets. After finally getting everything set up, most of these devices depend on an app even to do something as simple as turning a light on or off. What happens when your smartphone is charging? Or you’ve handed it to your kids to play a game? Or you have a guest visiting who doesn’t have the app?

Logitech Pop Home Switch solves these problems.

Pop is a simple switch for controlling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled smart devices, including products from LIFX, Phillips Hue, Lutron, and INSTEON®, Smart Things and more.  Plus, it works with IFTTT for control of a broader range of products.  

Each switch can be used to trigger three different custom commands. For instance, use a single press to turn all the lights in a room on or off. Or, use a double press at dinner time to dim the lights and turn on your favorite Sonos® jazz station. And since it works with Logitech’s Harmony hub-based remotes, you could even set a long press to start Movie Time in the living room.

Each command can trigger a range of optional settings—turn connected devices on/off, adjust smart lighting brightness or scene presets, or quickly access your favorite Sonos® music playlists and stations at a preset volume.

Pop is wireless and mounts to most flat surfaces, so you can put a Pop switch just where you want it, even in places where a wired switch couldn’t go. And getting even more control for your smart home is easy since multiple Pop Add-on switches can be added whenever you need them.

But the best part is, once you’re done, everyone in the house can get all the benefits the modern smart home has to offer, just by pushing the switch.

We hope you enjoy Pop and would love to hear what you think—tell us more in the comments below!