Better Together: Logitech and Skype for Business



Some things just go better together in life. Peanut butter and chocolate, bagels and cream cheese, pizza and beer… the list goes on and on (and now I’m hungry)! But the concept of better together extends well beyond our personal lives. And in the world of communication and collaboration, Logitech and Microsoft are a winning combination – whether you’re at your desktop, on your laptop, or in a conference room.

Logitech has a long history building plug-and-play peripherals like webcams, mice and keyboards. Three years ago, Logitech expanded its portfolio to include plug-and-play conference room devices, now known as ConferenceCams. Logitech webcams are optimized for Microsoft Lync and certified with Skype for Business, so it was natural for Logitech to introduce conference room devices that are just as easy to use as plugging in a webcam, but with the additional of business-grade audio and video conferencing. What’s more, Logitech ConferenceCams come at a fraction of the price of traditional video conferencing.

Microsoft and Logitech are working together to develop rich video collaboration tools that are easier to use than legacy video systems – at a great value. Logitech video devices are tested and certified to deliver an optimal Skype for Business experience. This gives IT managers and end users confidence when connecting to a meeting regardless of whether they are connecting from a desktop, laptop, meeting room or huddle space. And if you were paying attention last March, you’ll know that we are also working on some exciting upcoming projects.

According to Zig Serafin, Microsoft corporate  vice president of Skype Business Services, 97 percent of meeting rooms in the world are not equipped for modern video conferencing. Microsoft and Logitech are working together to provide Skype Meetings experience to modernize all the conference rooms with a simple to use and affordable solution with Project Rigel. The goal is to provide a one-touch experience for joining meetings and sharing content in the meeting rooms. Logitech ConferenceCam devices will also be optimized to provide the best audio and video experience for our joint customers. Stay tuned for more details and availability in the second half of this year.

Gone are the days of wasting the first 10 minutes of your meeting trying to connect to video. Simply plug your laptop into the Logitech ConferenceCam via USB and launch the video call – it’s no different than if you’re at your desk. And soon, we’ll offer one-touch join with Project Rigel.
Now you can bring the power of video collaboration to any workspace. So what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more