Logitech in the News  

Check out what the media said about Logitech products this week.


PIX11 Morning News featured the 2016 Logitech Party Collection in a segment of “Innovative Products to Use at the Office,” calling the mice “old school in regards to design, but new school in regards to the digital and the technical aspects.”


Robert J. Elisberg of The Huffington Post included the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard in an article on portable keyboards, noting that he “liked Logitech a great deal for those who need to do a lot of typing, for an hour or more at a time.”


Technology Pep positively reviewed the Logi Circle, recommending the camera as the best way to “enjoy every moment with your families and friends, even when you’re far apart from each other.”



Gadget Review praised the Logitech Harmony Elite, Logitech Harmony Companion, Logitech Harmony Ultimate One, and Logitech Harmony 350 in a list of “Best Universal Remote for 2016.


Wes Fenlon of PC Gamer chronicled the making of the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum, from “aspirational drawings” to the “assembly line,” in his profile, “The Making of a Mouse.” And Jake Yanik of CGMagazine awarded it a perfect 10 out of 10 rating, concluding that it’s “easily among the best mice on the market.” vcgroup

Michael Williams of rAVe interviewed Joan Vandermate, head of marketing at the Logitech Video Collaboration Group, about how to best target millennials.



John Patrick Pullen of TIME highlighted the Logi ZeroTouch in a guide of gadgets to solve travel headaches, touting the device as the perfect way to minimize distractions while on the road in an unfamiliar place during vacation.


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