Five Reasons a Logitech ConferenceCam Connect is Better Than Being There


In case you haven’t seen, Logitech is running a contest for a FREE ConferenceCam Connect – a retail value of $499.99.  With a 90° field of view, 1080p video calling and Rightlight™ technology, this puppy will really up the game for your video calls. And because you get high definition video and a 360° wideband audio experience, you can have productive, face-to-face meetings without stepping foot on a plane or jumping in your car.

But if you’re still not sure the ConferenceCam Connect is right for you, check out these six reasons it’s better than actually being there.

  1. Pants are optional. Not that we recommend taking a video call without your pants on, but why not make them shorts, pajamas or yoga pants? The folks at the far end are none the wiser, and as long as it you keep it professional looking up top, you can relax in comfy clothes on your bottom half.
  2. It takes the hassle out of face-to-face meetings. No traveling means no TSA lines, no weather delays or mechanical issues leading to flight cancellations. And weighing in at under two pounds, it’s a heck of a lot lighter than your carry-on!
  3. It’s a videoconferencing unit and so much more. In addition to serving up an enterprise-grade video experience, the ConferenceCam Connect is also a Bluetooth speaker phone and facilitates wireless screen mirroring. Want to learn more about these features? Check out the TekThing review that published a couple months ago. The Connect review starts at 00:18:43.
  4. It’s portable. Because ConferenceCam Connect runs on an AC battery, you can charge it and then use it on-the-go. It’s lightweight, which means you can take it just about anywhere, and a fully charged battery gives you up to three full hours of video conferencing or up to 15 hours of audio calling.
  5. It just looks cool – and comes in two colors. Whether you prefer silver or red, the ConferenceCam Connect is a winner of several design awards. And despite what you might think, this awesome form factor was out in the market before Amazon Echo came into our homes. We don’t mind though. As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery (so thanks, Amazon!) ☺

Admit it – you want one. So be sure to  enter to win here.