Music Just Got Better


Today is a very exciting day: Logitech has agreed to acquire Jaybird. Before I give you the facts, let me give you some context…

The way we consume music has changed radically over the past decade and will continue to do so as we look to the future. Music now goes with us everywhere and as both a shared or solitary experience, it can be integrated into pretty much all aspects of our daily lives thanks to the type of products that both UE and Jaybird have been inventing and commercializing over the last few years.

Since 2011, when I started running the music business, we’ve worked really hard to move beyond our PC speaker roots. We had to do this because the way people listen to music has changed dramatically. We were able to do it by making products that were truly mobile and fit the lifestyle of our target consumers. As we said at the time (and we still say), we want to “Make Music Social” and offer ways for people to take their music anywhere and share it out loud. We bet big on a shift to wireless and this shift has happened big time. As we pursued this bet, we retreated to home base with our existing wearable business – the custom business for professional touring musicians – but all the while we nurtured desires to grow beyond our thriving but niche UE PRO business.

What’s Jaybird got to do with all this? Well, not all music gets to be shared out loud! We see it all around us everyday – people love to listen to music everywhere and sometimes in places where listening out loud would just not work. Jaybird hit on a great idea of making products for people actively engaged in sports and who wanted music to power their passion for their sport. With the right product (and Jaybird makes them), you can now pursue your sport with your music. It’s a potent combination.

This common vision around amazing wireless products that bring great music to you whatever you are doing is really compelling. The Jaybird team will have all the scope to innovate they had before. They’ll continue to feed the Jaybird brand and design products like the latest X2 wireless buds. Check out also the Jaybird ambassadors on their website and you’ll really get a flavor for what I am talking about here.

As part of Logitech, we can help Jaybird take everything further, faster. Stay tuned for further updates in the weeks and months ahead.


Senior Vice President, Music


  • Gotta say the Logi rebrand has been cool to watch. The old branding was too old to be cool, too new to be retro. That makes me trust that Logitech is not going to do sweeping changes to Jaybird. Seeing one of my fav old skool brands and new skool brands come together I hope you guys kick major ass together.

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