C’mon Be a Logitech GROUPie

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A little more than two  years ago, Logitech disrupted the video conferencing space with the launch of the ConferenceCam CC3000e.  It was the first true high quality video conferencing endpoint under $1k.  It was 18 months before I would start my gig at Logitech but I was so excited that I tweeted about it that day (see above).

Just over two years later, the CC3000e has made a huge impact in the video conferencing industry and among businesses around the world. Finally, any business could have an amazing video conferencing experience at a very reasonable price. It even helped propel Logitech to become one of the worldwide market leaders in conference room systems, ahead of several venerable contenders synonymous with video conferencing!

Fast forward to today: Logitech is raising the bar again with the successor to the CC3000e, Logitech GROUP (if you love product names with letters and numbers, we decided against calling it the CC4000e. Sorry!).  Logitech GROUP provides the same great video quality with vastly improved audio.  We built the speakerphone from the ground up.  The body is metal vs. plastic for better acoustic performance, it has 4 mics vs. 2 and high end technology like beamforming.  Another improvement is the addition of extension microphones so we can now support rooms with up to 20 people (double from the previous 10).

Logitech dominates the ConferenceCam category and we believe is poised to become the #1 leading provider of video conferencing room systems by units this year.  And GROUP is the engine to get us there.  Very exciting times for Logitech and for businesses that want their high quality video conferencing at reasonable prices and want it now.

Want to see Logitech GROUP in action? Watch this:

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