Upgrade Your Video Collaboration Firmware – Here’s Why

Logitech-Business -CC3000e (1) You might be asking yourself: what is “firmware” and why should I upgrade my video conferencing products? Firmware refers to programs on a device that help the device do what it’s supposed to do. Upgrades help it do those things even better. Why upgrade? In summary, the firmware gives you improved user experience, performance and issue fixes. We listened to our customers and what they want our video conferencing products to do even better, and we are happy to provide firmware upgrades for the following products!  Upgrades include:

  • Enhancement to Backlight Compensation to improve the image quality when connected to MAC OS (all products)
  • Enhancements to volume control increments that improve the user experiencewhen connected to MAC OS(CC3000e and Connect)
  • Fixed reliability issue when setting camera presets (CC3000e and PTZ Pro)
  • Power on from USB, and other user experience enhancements (Connect)

Click on the product link below to easily download the firmware upgrades

Oh, and for our beloved Mac users – we now have a firmware tool that runs on Mac as well! Please click on the product links below: