Don’t Miss a Moment with the Logi Circle

With the new Logi Circle Portable Home Connection Camera you can watch your kids playing at home or tune into your dog playing with its favorite toy even if you’re running errands, traveling for business or at the office.

Through the free app, the Logi Circle can stream live HD video directly to your smartphone and a 30-second Daily Brief™ showcases your home’s most significant moments of the day. Smart filtering of all video happens with our Scene Intuition™ technology, which learns your home life patterns and filters the footage to only show you the day’s interesting activity.

You can also use 2-Way Talk & Listen, so you can be part of the moment, even when you’re miles away. And because life doesn’t stay still, the Logi Circle is engineered with lightweight materials and an easy-to-carry circular profile, so it can move around the house with you and stream wirelessly for up to three hours (it also lasts up to 12 hours in power save mode).

With the Logi Circle, you never have to miss an important or delightful home moment again.

Take a look at the product video below, and let us know what you think in the comments. And, we’re curious: what special moment are you excited to capture with the new Logi Circle?

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  • Logi circle – well done Vincent!!! Connect, monitor and communicate with all and everything – thats Logi! I would love to be part of Logitechs new ventures – is there a job left for a 100% intrinsic motivated person?!

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