When Two’s a Crowd: Award-Winning Videoconferencing Solutions

How many times have you had to huddle around somebody’s laptop for a videoconference?  At Logitech we believe that even once is one too many. Many things can make it awkward, like being stuck next to the person who wears way too much cologne…or perhaps not enough.

Anyone can use their laptop for a quick video chat, but a low quality experience can cause misunderstandings and slow down work rather than speed it up. If you can’t see someone clearly or understand what is being said, it’s pointless. The investment for good quality and a wider field of view is well worth the price for a productive, uncrowded meeting with clear audio and video. Logitech’s video quality has excellent detail and the ability for you to work with low and bright light conditions. It captures whites and has good color balance. You can view tablet screens and even paper documents held in front of the lens, as well as recognize facial expressions.

Eliminate awkward experiences with Logitech’s award-winning ConferenceCam portfolio. The ConferenceCams are designed to be universally compatible, meaning they work seamlessly with any video conferencing platform, on-premise or cloud, and from any location. All you need to do is to plug the device into your PC or Mac and select the video-calling application that you’re used to using to be immediately connected.

Now it’s easier than ever to accelerate your speed of business and foster your virtual team’s rapport and decision-making with our award-winning ConferenceCams:

Logitech-Business - Conferencecam Connect (2)

  • Red Dot 2015 Product Design Award
  • IDSA 2015 International Design Excellence Award: Gold
  • Frost & Sullivan 2015 Product Line Leadership Strategy Award
  • TMC.net 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

Now say bye bye to those awkward videoconferences of the past and enter for a chance to win your very own ConferenceCam Connect here.

Logitech-Business -CC3000e (1)

  • Frost & Sullivan 2015 Product Line Strategy Leadership Award
  • 2014 PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award
  • 2014 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award (TMCNet.com)

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