Stress-free Summer Travel with the Logi BLOK Protective Case

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If you’re going away this summer, chances are the iPad is coming along with you. However, ensuring it remains intact and functional for the ride can be a source of anxiety. Thankfully, the Logi BLOK family of cases is here to reduce the stress of travelling with your iPad.

It’s Hip to Be Square

Dropping your iPad on its corner is a surefire way to shatter that gorgeous Retina display. Logitech has turned the tablet’s greatest weakness into BLOK’s greatest strength: its square corners can absorb impact from up to six feet onto hard surfaces. So rest your weary heart when you see your kids fumble the iPad.


Chill, It’s Just a Spill

Spills can happen anytime, anywhere. All it takes to ruin your day is a sudden burst of air turbulence or a clumsy barista to spill a beverage onto your iPad. BLOK can handle all of life’s messes with its liquid-repellant cover. Just wipe up and carry on like nothing happened.

No More Surface Tension

Sorting through your things at airport security, you see something that makes your heart sink: a scratch on your iPad. Say farewell to that nightmare scenario because BLOK’s cover or BLOK Shell’s screen protector provide enough protection to endure a bumpy ride in an overhead bin or a bag full of keys.

Work on the Go

Need to wrap up a few documents or emails on the trip? BLOK Protective Keyboard Case allows you to be productive even if you’re away from your desk. Its detachable full-sized QWERTY keyboard with Bluetooth wireless connectivity is essential for getting the job done so you have more  time to play.



Enjoy the View

With your work done and the iPad safe, it’s time to sit back and relax. BLOK’s “any-angle” stand provides the perfect viewing angle, whether you’re watching movies in the back seat of the car, sending out emails on the plane, or catching up on some summer reading at a cafe.


Summer is quickly winding down, so spend what little time is left enjoying your iPad instead of worrying about it. Head over to the Logitech store and choose the BLOK case that’s right for you.


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