The New MX Line


When it comes to choosing the right wireless mouse for the right job, it’s great to have options. Do you need precision and ease of use, or versatility and adaptability? Maybe you need both. Logitech has two great options to fit any situation: the MX Master Wireless Mouse and the MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mouse.
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Master of Mice

  • The MX Master Wireless Mouse is handcrafted and expertly sculpted to provide not only the most support for your hand and wrist, but also the most comfort, fluid movement and fine-motion control.
  • The speed-adaptive scroll wheel can handle any task, from the longest document to web pages with heavy content and features. Its precision wheel auto-shifts from click-to-click to hyper-fast scrolling, and can be customized using the Logitech Options™ software. A gesture button allows for an array of system functionality, from windows management to media controls.
  • Logitech Options™ also gives you a diverse array of thumb wheel possibilities, from side-to-side scrolling to turning pages and toggling between applications.
  • Use the MX Master on nearly any surface, thanks to its Logitech Darkfield™ Laser technology. The advanced LED optical tracking processes more contrast on surfaces from Formica to glass and provides the precise and responsive handling of a laser mouse.
  • The integrated rechargeable battery can last up to 40 days on a single charge that lasts no longer than 4 minutes, with no down time.
  • Bluetooth® Smart technology users may also pair up to three devices and switch between them using the Easy-Switch button.


Mouse On the Go

  • The MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mouse offers precision control on nearly any surface, from glass tabletops and airplane tray tables to less traditional environments – like your jeans. Darkfield™ Laser technology scans even the smallest detail of surfaces to create a micro-road map for flawless fine-motion control.
  • The unique thumb wheel provides hyper-fast horizontal and side-to-side scrolling with a single stroke. Hyper-fast scrolling allows for quicker and more precise navigation through long documents and web pages. The MX Anywhere 2 offers two scrolling modes: in free-spinning mode, you can move smoothly and quickly through documents and pages and stop instantly when needed, while click-to-click allows for more finely-tuned exploration of spreadsheets and playlists.
  • The contoured shape and compact size (2.4” x 3.9” x 1.4”) of the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Mouse makes it perfect for individuals on the go. It’s small enough to slip into a bag,, and the rubber surface makes it comfortable for prolonged use.
  • MX Anywhere 2 connects to both Windows or Mac via Logitech’s smallest receiver, the Pico Unifying™ receiver, to provide advanced 2.4GHz wireless connection. Bluetooth® Smart Ready computer users can also connect with Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology.
  • Pair up to three devices and switch between them, all with the touch of a single button. Easy Switch technology allows users to access office and home computers and even Microsoft Surface tablets, with no re-pairing required.
  • The rechargeable battery powers up quickly and provides lengthy use periods; a single minute will give you an hour of power, while a full charge can last up to two months.
  • Tailor the MX Anywhere 2 to your needs with Logitech Options™ software. Reassign the mouse buttons, adjust scrolling and cursor speeds, and even enable the gesture button to reproduce Windows or Mac touch gestures.

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When you want a job done right, use the tools that help you accomplish that goal. When it comes to high-performance screen navigation and desktop handling, the tools you need are the MX Master Wireless mouse and the MX Anywhere 2. See it all here.


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