Commit to the Summer Friday


Summer Fridays” is a popular workday tradition. Who doesn’t want to leave the office early and enjoy the balmy weather? But when you’ve got a huge project to complete, it’s not always possible to duck out of the office early. When you can’t finish up early, don’t despair. That’s where the Logi™ BLOK family of cases for iPad® — the first product group under the new Logi label  — comes in.

The Logi BLOK family of products helps protect your tablet from drops up to six feet high on the playground, in boardrooms and even on concrete driveways. What’s more, Logi BLOK delivers protection without the bulk and weight that’s associated with ultra-protective cases. So the next time you’ve got a pressing deadline on a Summer Friday, throw your files on your iPad, outfit it with BLOK, and get ready to dive into your next great summer adventure.


  • Featuring impact-absorbent square corners, and a shock-absorbent polymer structure, the Logi BLOK family of products helps protect your iPad from drops up to six feet high and onto surfaces as hard as concrete.
  • The Logi BLOK Protective Shell provides perimeter protection for an uninterrupted iPad experience.
  • The Logi BLOK Protective Case offers the flexibility of a case with an any-angle stand that adapts to you.
  • The Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case is the all-in-one tool, providing a detachable wireless keyboard that doubles as a screen cover and an any-angle stand.

The three protective cases are expected to be available this August, and you can see all the details on