Ready for Windows 10? So is Logitech

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 will be available to the public on July 29. We are excited about this announcement and what it means for our customers because the focus of the new operating system is on helping us all be more productive. In fact, according to, “the mouse and keyboard are king again” with Windows 10.

Because it’s a free upgrade for current Windows users, we expect that many Logitech customers will move over to Windows 10 once it becomes available. So, what does this mean for the Logitech products that you already own and how they will work with Windows 10? Here are a few things you should know:

All Logitech PC peripherals that are currently for sale today (mice, keyboards, combos, webcams and headsets) including Logitech G products, have been tested and work with Windows 10. Note that some functions, such as Windows 8 edge gestures are not enabled in Windows 10, so the products that were taking advantage of this feature will not have any functions associated with it in Windows 10.

Our ConferenceCam product family and desktop collaboration products will also work with Windows 10.

The programmable buttons and shortcuts that you may have created for your mouse should behave in the same way when you’re using Windows 10. Buttons and shortcuts can be assigned to whatever task users prefer.

Make sure that your Logitech keyboard and mouse have the latest software updates. The software is intended to enable the best experience with your PC or Mac computer. By default, Logitech provides automatic software updates to customers when they are online. With Logitech Options, for example, every time a user reboots their computer or if a new device is plugged into the computer, the software will automatically look to see if a new version is available. If so, a notification to install it will pop up and the user simply needs to press the OK button on the screen to get the latest version of the software. For those users who have unchecked the option to receive automatic updates, they can go to the support and downloads section of the Logitech website to download the updates directly.

Let us know what you’re most excited to see from the new Windows 10 release in the comments section below.