Summer 2015: The Season of Productivity

Turn daily meetings into powerhouses of productivity

This isn’t Mad Men. A lot has changed since the days when a “meeting” necessarily meant a bunch of people sitting around a long conference table staring at slides on a projector. While there’s still a time and a place for those types of traditional meetings, they’ve largely given way to more flexible, efficient, and high-tech solutions.

Read on for some of the ways the modern meeting can send your productivity soaring this Summer.

Meetings from anywhere, anytime

Collaboration no longer has to take place between four walls. With today’s widespread use of mobile devices, users can connect to virtual meetings from any location. This is essential for sales reps who need to connect with team members while on the road.

Modern workplace design

While many meetings do still take place in a physical building, the layout and design of today’s workplaces have changed the way people communicate. There’s been a shift away from the larger conference rooms, toward smaller, more intimate rooms that promote efficient exchange of information. In fact, according to Wainhouse Research, the number of small and medium conference rooms will increase at a much faster pace (48%, 41%) than large rooms (27%).

Higher quality technology

High-performance equipment used to be relegated to the larger conference rooms, while employees in smaller rooms were forced to use their own devices or scramble for impromptu solutions. Today, more companies are starting to invest in quality solutions for their small- to medium-sized rooms.

Remove productivity barriers with smart tech tools

As we gear up for Summer, it’s natural to get excited about all the benefits Collaboration can offer employees who are spending less time in the office. Many people will be taking advantage of the Summer period to change up their working hours and be more flexible about the 9 to 5. Some people will even be working from holiday locations as families relocate to enjoy the season.

Today, sharing and collaborating are strategies for getting ahead. People expect be able to access, share and discover information in real time to move things forward. Because of this, collaboration has become central to productivity. People may not always be in the same room when they collaborate with one another, but that doesn’t mean they can’t contribute virtually, working as a team towards a common goal.

With the collaboration tools now available in the marketplace, everyone can contribute to meetings as effectively as if they were there in person, even if they are on the beach in flip flops and shorts!

Summer’s here and the time is right for the anywhere workplace. Please visit us here to learn more about our collaboration solutions. If you want to learn more, check out this whitepaper we produced in collaboration with Wainhouse Research.

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