The Best Mice for the Best Gaming Genres

When your squad is pinned down and in need of a savior; when your team needs you to hold the lane no matter what; when you’re one hit point away from death: you don’t need a miracle, you need the right equipment for the right job. With Logitech G‘s vast arsenal of gaming gear, you can overcome any obstacle.


Shoot Like A Pro

·       With the G402 Hyperion FuryTM exclusive Fusion Engine technology, no foe will be able to outrun you. Enabling tracking speeds of up to 500 IPS, no mouse gives you better speed and accuracy.

·       Enter the battlefield in complete comfort with the G502 Proteus CoreTM. With weight and balance control, in-game DPI switching, 11 programmable buttons and more, this mouse can be tuned to your unique style and surface of play.

Charge The Lanes

·       The G302 Daedalus PrimeTM is durable, lightweight, and accurate. It’s the perfect companion for the long, grueling matches in your favorite MOBA. Tested to 20 million clicks, this is a mouse you can trust.

·       More than just an upgrade, the G303 Daedalus ApexTM features Logitech’s most accurate optical sensor yet, for maximum performance and precision.

Save the World


·       Using the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, no foe is too large and no quest too hard. With 20 MMO-Tuned buttons, along with a G-Switch that doubles your functions, the G600 is a full MMO keyboard in the palm of your hand.

Challenges are meant to be overcome. With the power of Logitech’s mighty mice in your hands, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming the hero your game needs.

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