Logitech at UC EXPO 2015

As you navigate your way through this year’s UC EXPO, you are likely to hear the phrase “workplace transformation” on more than one occasion. Why might that be? Rapid advancements in technology are dramatically affecting how and where we work. Moreover, we have entered a collaborative, mobile era in the workplace where office workers are finding ways in which to connect with their peers that were previously considered to be unconventional.

The Communications Environment

Given the pace of change within the workplace and the growth of collaboration between end users, IT teams often find themselves managing a highly complex communications environment composed of multiple vendors and various competing collaboration clients, technologies, and services. Users have never had access to such a wide range of easily accessible collaboration tools, but contrary to what you may think, this poses a challenge for IT decision makers and end users alike.

The Problem with Variety

For example, specific features are often not deployed across the entire enterprise – which can cause user adoption to suffer. Instant Messaging (IM) is deployed across the enterprise by almost 80% of survey respondents, the next feature group down – two-party audio, video, and web communications – falls by over 30%, and deployment numbers for conferencing, telephony, and mobility drop even further.

The good news is that this lack of deployment of specific UC features is not holding back the overall adoption of enterprise collaboration. Wainhouse Research expects the use of enterprise audio conferencing to double over the next 5 years.

Practical Solutions

The way users get their work done is undergoing a dramatic change. At Logitech, we find this new environment embraced by work-life-harmony-seeking millennials and driven by highly collaborative interaction. Users are contributing in person and virtually from home and on the road – utilizing videoconferencing to interact with their virtual peers.

The role of IT is at a similar juncture. Putting in place an environment and infrastructure that not only accommodates but encourages employees to try new things will keep them productive and happy – and your organization competitive.

What’s our recommendation? Pro-actively outfit your huddle rooms to accommodate change. Swap out the traditional speakerphone and videoconferencing appliance for mic/speaker and HD-webcam equivalents that can be used with a wide variety of collaboration applications and user devices. Users are ready to embrace advanced collaboration as long as it is easy and accessible.

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