How-To: Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

Most gamers take their mouse for granted, but for professional eSports players, having the highest quality mouse is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, Logitech G has developed an all-new peripheral that delivers all the speed, accuracy and comfort that the pros need to win: enter the Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse.


Click to Win

Professional MOBA players – including our own League of Legends teams Cloud9 and Team SoloMid – rely on the ability to input multiple clicks per second, so the engineers at Logitech G have built the most durable and responsive mouse buttons available. The switches inside the Logitech G302 have been tested for reliability up to 20 million clicks, ensuring that the only thing standing between a player and certain victory is his or her rival.

Always In Control

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Weight and balance are also key factors in the device’s design. The mouse was built to accommodate both the popular claw and fingertip grips, and features low-friction feet and a compact shape that is exceptionally easy to grip and maneuver. It also features a full suite of six reprogrammable buttons, so whether assigning team communication to one button or binding complex maneuvers to another, champion players can fine-tune their MOBA experience for maximum performance. No matter how they use it, pro players will always feel like they’re in control with the Logitech G302.

The Perfect Tool For The Next Generation

The Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse was designed by pros, for pros, but it’s also a great fit for aspiring champs. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your favorite up-and-comer or are ready to replace that old two-button mouse you’ve paired with an otherwise world-class gaming rig, the Logitech G302 is the ultimate tool for elevating PC gaming to the next level.

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