Holiday Scratcher FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions + Concerns

Thank you for trying your luck on Logitech’s Holiday Scratcher game! Fortunately, most users are playing the Holiday Scratcher game successfully without any issues but for the few that experience difficulty, we have addressed commonly asked questions and concerns below. We hope the following scenarios provide helpful insight into the game’s functionality and intended use. If you have an issue or concern that isn’t answered below, feel free to let us know so we can do our best to assist in a timely fashion. Thanks for playing!

1) Scratch-off areas appear white or blank after scratching off, but the game offers prompt to “Try Again.”

Widespread quality assurance testing of the Holiday Scratcher game across multiple computer operating systems and browsers confirms game functionality is working as intended in most cases. Understandably, older operating systems and browsers might present isolated use cases in which product images load slower than intended, presenting the appearance of not loading at all. The game is best played on recent browsers built to accommodate fast loading speeds. A working internet connection is always required for the game to function properly. Game functionality is also reliant on the allowance of browser cookies. Use of an incognito window in Chrome or a private browsing tab in Safari or Firefox interferes with game user flow and prevents optimal functionality.

2) Product images load slowly below scratch-off area after scratching off.

Game functions optimally when played on most up to date browsers and operating systems. A working internet connection is always required for the game to function properly.

3) The 15% discount code disappears when user opens another tab or window to browse products on

When a user clicks on the Facebook or Twitter icons shown on the Discount Code screen within the game, the game automatically resets into a new game. This functionality is clearly outlined in “How To Play” as well as in the rules wherein a user can share the game experience across social to obtain more chances to play. If a game is completed without matching three products in a row, the player is shown a unique discount code only once. If that player plays another game, he/she will no longer be shown the discount code page. This functionality is outlined in detail in the U.S. game rules. Please make sure to take a screen grab or write your code down before clicking on the Twitter or Facebook icons.

4) After winning by matching three Logitech product in a row, the game doesn’t appear to confirm receipt of e-mail submission after information is entered into name and e-mail capture area.

All winners to date have been accurately captured by the game’s built in e-mail and name submission form. Winners are not immediately contacted as formal outreach is conducted within one week of winning. Winners are contacted individually over e-mail so their information and details needed for prizing fulfillment can be verified.

5) Scratching off all six scratch areas reveals no possible product matches.

This is how the game is intended to function, much like a sweepstakes or physical lottery ticket. Not every scratcher offers the opportunity to win. See U.S. rules for odds, which are 0.0025% based on a particular number of game plays per day.

6) Scratching off designated scratch areas within the game reveals blank white circles with no product images populating underneath.

Users have reported an issue with scratching off all circles only to find blank white spaces populating below. If this issue occurs during the game experience, it is likely due to the currently used browser not allowing cookies. The game relies on browser cookies to function properly so each individual game play can be tracked. Cookies also provide an extra level of security that helps prevent fraud. No personal information is stored in the browser cookies. Please see your browser’s “Help” section for further instruction on how to ensure cookies are allowed so that your game is experienced as intended.

7) Matched three of the same products but the game doesn’t prompt user to submit information such as name and email for prize fulfillment.

Out of over 50,000 game plays, this specific issue has been reported minimally across the entire game. Evidence suggests this issue isn’t widespread and for most users the game functions as intended within the outlined odds. See U.S. rules for more information.

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