Together We Game: Video Game Economics 102

Together We Game: Video Game Economics 102

Together We Game has hit the ten-week mark and the ideas we’ve received from our fans all over the world are coming to life.

The game is now in black-box mode – meaning there’s a playable, super early version available for a test drive here: Don’t expect breathtaking art or mechanics just yet, but you will see some of your previous votes reflected in things like the title, stackable towers and enemy type.

For the next round of voting, we want you to focus on money. If your computer was inhabited by a community of people, how would they earn the money to build their towers and defend themselves against the swarms of incoming Nanobots? Get a feel for this world by giving our game a playtest, and then cast your vote over at

Interested in providing us with more than just the click of a vote? Join our subreddit where our game designers are watching, listening and taking suggestions on all aspects of this video game project.

If you have any questions about Together We Game – where we’ve been, where we’re going and who’s driving, then join our developers for a Google Hangout this Wednesday, October 29th at 7PM EST. We hope to see you there.

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