Together We Game: Logo Design

The prototype is out! For the past eight weeks you’ve given us your creativity, and we’ve finally turned it into something playable. Keep in mind it’s a super early, green-screen version without any bells or whistles, but it does have a reflection of all the votes you’ve made so far. You’ll see stackable towers, an open field and tiny black squares as stand-ins for our nanobot enemies.

If you’ve already played it, you may have noticed that blue logo in the upper right corner, but that logo is hardly the final version. That choice, dear fans, is up to you.

Through public vote, our game is officially called Protocol X57, now we just have to choose how that title will appear in game! Download and play the game by visiting Then pick a favorite and vote for it at

Thank you for everything you’ve done for this project so far! We’re half-way there, and hope you stick it out through the end with us. If you ever want to get in on the deeper game development discussions, take a peek at our subreddit, where we talk about all things gaming, tower defense and Together We Game.


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