Choosing The Right Headset to Benefit From Unified Communications


Unified communications (UC) may now be mainstream, but what are the implications? The liberation that UC gives businesses helps empower staff and boost productivity in a way that’s hard to match. Whether its employees working from home, benefiting from flex-time, joining meetings on the go or just availing of the landmark improvements in long distance meetings – employees everywhere are now able to get more productivity and job satisfaction into their working day than ever before.



With this shift in ‘how business gets done’, many companies are reevaluating which tools to use to get the best from their UC investment. Headsets in particular are an overlooked tool, usually behind a list of Voice over IP (VoIP), audio, video, and web conferencing choices, but quite often it’s the humble headset that can be the most practical investment for the workforce.

No longer a tool exclusive to contact centre agents, executives, and administrative staff, headsets are now being circulated to almost everyone within various companies and organizations. According to a recent survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, 39% of IT managers today report distributing headsets to employees. Headset sales are expected to continue to grow at a CAGR of 23.1% in terms of unit shipments, and 20.4% in terms of revenue, over the next several years. A major factor in this increase is the anticipated growth of the installed base of activated PC communication clients, expected to more than triple over the next five years. Employees using this new technology require headsets to maximize the benefit of their unified communications clients (UCC) applications.

One of the challenges that companies face when rolling out UC is that without the right tools your UC investment can become problematic — compatibility downloads and installations; uncomfortable headsets; and delays, glitches and more miscommunications than unified ones.

That’s why we design our headsets for real people, pairing 30+ years of experience designing PC peripherals with the audio engineering expertise gained from designing headsets, speakers and earphones. People want intuitive controls and seamless compatibility. They need communication that is effortless. They want audio that hits all the right notes, eliminates all the bad ones and drowns out that annoying guy in the cube next door.

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