Logitech G and NA LCS Summer Playoff Recap

North America aims to show off its strengths in the global eSports scene. As sponsors of two North American teams–Cloud9 and Team SoloMid–Logitech has been following the action of the League of Legends North America LCS Tournament closely— with frequent recaps— as our teams headed into the summer playoffs. Let’s see how our guys performed in the games leading up to the finals!

Saturday August 23rd

Team SoloMid vs. Team Dignitas

In this best of five match, TSM ceded the victory to Dignitas in the first match, but came back to win three in a row to take the series. WildTurtle had an astounding performance in game three, going 12-1. In game four, two of TSM’s teammates were able to stay alive for the entire match, ensuring that the team was able to keep control through the match and secure victory. With a 69% crowd approval,TSM did not disappoint.

Saturday August 30th

Team SoloMid vs. LMQ

While it was not as much of a definitive victory as last week, TSM was still able to hold on and win this best of five series in a 3-2 set. The teams traded victories through the series, until TSM was able to win the last two games in a row. Even though Lustboy had a rough series, with zero kills in two of the five games, the rest of the team was able to keep the overall momentum going. In the last game, TSM was able to keep three of the opposing champions from getting any kills, and that helped TSM secure victory.

Cloud9 vs. Curse

Unlike TSM, Cloud9 had a definitive series against Curse, going 3-0. Cloud9 took complete control across all three games, keeping at least two team members alive in each game and pushing Curse out of the arena. Every single member of Cloud9 had amazing performances and helped secure the team’s victory.

Monday September 1st

Cloud9 vs. Team SoloMid

After only a one day break, our two teams faced off in a match that was well fought on both sides. The series went to a full five games, with TSM edging out victory in the last game. In the games that Cloud9 won, its champions had significant kills, but in the three games that it lost, many of its players were held to only two kills or less. In the last two wins, TSM’s WildTurtle had great matches, with five kills per match.

Summer Playoffs Standings

In the end, Cloud9 won only one match to Team SoloMid’s three, with WildTurtle giving TSM the edge it needed to stay on top. They came out strong in this playoff series, winning all three of its matches. Both teams performed admirably, coming out as the top two teams from North America and putting themselves in great positions for the upcoming championships in October. Check back with us next month to see where our teams end up!