Logitech Gives You Unprecedented Control of Your Smart Home with the New Logitech Harmony Living Home Lineup

We’re thrilled to announce that Logitech is bringing its experience in universal remote controls to the connected home. With the new Harmony® Living Home lineup you have easy access and control over a wide library of entertainment and home automation devices, all from one central control system.

Now, your Harmony remote, tablet or smartphone can control your TV, set-top box, speakers, lighting, thermostat, door locks, window shades and other home necessities with just one touch.

In addition to controlling your individual devices, you can create customized Activities by combining multiple devices to initiate as one. For example, you can create a “Good Morning” Activity to power on your TV and tune to a local news station, turn on your Philips® hue lights to a pre-set brightness, adjust the temperature on your Honeywell® Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat and open your Lutron Serena® remote-controlled window shades, ensuring the perfect start to your day.

The Logitech Harmony Living Home lineup introduces two new Harmony remotes: the Logitech Harmony® Ultimate Home and the Logitech Harmony® Home Control. Both remotes come with the Logitech Harmony® Home Hub, which can also be purchased separately for home automation and entertainment control through your smartphone or tablet.

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home remote features a bright 2.4-inch color touch-screen and allows you to integrate and control all of your compatible home automation devices and up to 15 home entertainment devices. Or, if you prefer a simpler remote, the Logitech Harmony Home Control – in addition to the Harmony Mobile App for your tablet or smartphone – works with the Logitech Harmony Home Hub to give you access and control of your home automation devices and up to eight home entertainment devices.

For even more control, the Logitech Harmony Hub Extender enables additional compatibility of the Logitech Harmony Home Hub, controlling lights, locks, sensors, garage doors and other devices operating through ZigBee® or Z-Wave®.

Want in on the action? If you’re a Logitech Harmony owner, you’re in luck. Beginning Sept. 21 and running through Nov. 1, Best Buy will offer you the opportunity to recycle your current Harmony remote and upgrade to the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home with a $100 discount. See www.bestbuy.com/harmonyrecycle for more details.

Check out the below video for a peek of the new lineup. And, if you have questions about the Logitech Harmony Living Home products, be sure to tune into our Google Hangout on September 18 at 10:30 am PT to have them answered live by the Harmony team. More information on the lineup can also be found at www.myharmony.com.