Together We Game: Help Us Select a Title

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.00.58 PM

A month of voting has gone by and our video game experiment is finally starting to take on a shape of its own.

Here’s what we know so far:  Our game will take place inside a computer, have an open field style of play and will include stackable towers. Now, we must now give our creation a name.

Plenty of fantastic titles were proposed in our subreddit. Here are the ones that have risen to a vote:

  1. Cyber Citadel
  2. Ad Hoc Resistance
  3. Protocol X57
  4. Cyber Craft

Have a favorite title in mind? Make sure you vote at

Join the discussion on our subreddit if you’re interested in getting in on this process in the earlier stages, . Once there, you can submit your own ideas to our brainstorms, discuss the community’s ideas and have a say in what goes to vote. We’re already talking about next week’s topic: Enemies!