Calling All Game Developers

Logitech G has just created a brand new way for game developers to interact with their fans – we call it Arx control.

With Arx control, game developers can give their players a second screen experience. If you’re having trouble envisioning the possibilities, imagine the Game Panel functionality available on many of our keyboards, moved to a mobile device, so users have a bigger screen, better resolution and touch capabilities.

We’ve already created a bunch of applets for Arx control, that will give gamers a wide variety of system specific information – the performance of their machine, ability to see macros for the G-keys, and set the DPI levels for their mice.

But the true power of Arx control is for game developers who can create applets that give players invaluable in game data, all while keeping the full screen devoted to game play.  Timers for respawning, real-time maps, ammunition levels, offering up relevant in-game purchases at the exact moment the player needs them – the possibilities are endless. With Arx control, you’ll bring your players deeper into the game and improve their overall experience.

The development kit is free and we are here to help you along with the process. Arx Control will be available soon to every gamer on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me at  Looking forward to working with you!

ARX Control

ARX Control